Baseball game activity book printable

. Baseball game activity book

Steve took Steven to his first San Francisco Giants game this year (technically his second, but he was an itty bitty baby when he went the first time!). I put together an activity book to help keep him occupied. His was SF Giants-specific, but I made a more generic version — with an extra page for slightly older kids — to share for free.

What’s included:

This five page printable makes a 16 page quarter-sheet sized booklet (not including the cover).


  • Page 1: Scorecard page, How much do things cost, word search
  • Page 2: Match pictures to words (bring a glue stick!), draw a picture, number the positions, handwriting
  • Page 3: Unscramble words, write players’ numbers and names, add up scores
  • Page 4: Write players’ numbers and names, game information writing sheet, baseball jokes, essay or picture page
  • Page 5: Cut-outs, cover

Booklet instructions

1. Print the pages double-sided. Pages 1 and 2 are appropriate for kindergarten level. Pages 3 and 4 would be appropriate for a slightly more advanced reader/writer. Page 5 is the cover and cutout page, so it will not have a back.

Front side

Back side

2. Cut the pages in half.


3. Stack the pages. The cover should be at the bottom, face down. The scorecard should be at the top, face up. The order of the other pages doesn’t really matter.


4. Fold the booklet in half. From the remaining half sheet, cut out the cut-outs.

Fold, staple. Cut.

5. Put the book and cut-outs in an envelope. Be sure to bring a glue stick, pencil, and markers or crayons!


Baseball game activity book – baseball.pdf

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