Homeschool week “A”

When the fall began, we started with “A” week! (This post will only contain things related with the letter A; I won’t cover other history, math, science, etc. topics unless it’s related.)

We read (and sang) The Lady with the Alligator Purse by Nadine Bernard Wescott.

I scanned a few pictures from the book, shrunk them, printed them, and cut them out for Matthew (3 years) to sequence. (Sorry, no photo!)

I used printables from my “Aa is for Alligator and Apple” pack, which included a simple puzzle for Matthew and sequencing activities for Steven (5 years old).



Both boys used play-doh to form the letters.


Using green popsicle sticks, teeth cut from paper, and googly eyes, the boys made these alligator crafts, which I then used with Steven to work on “greater than” and “less than.” Steven pulled two number puzzle pieces from a bag, said what the numbers were (to work on number recognition, because he still mixes 6 and 9), and then placed the alligator the right way to “chomp” on the bigger number.


We made these cute letter crafts, inspired by Jolanthe’s A is for Alligator craft:


a is for apple:


We memorized Romans 3:23. (See my ABC Memory Verses printable pack.)


One day of handwriting was spent tracing the letters of the verse.


We went to the store and bought different varieties of apples to use my taste test printable. The boys decided that they liked [organic, local] Red Delicious apples the best.


Finally, we used my Let’s cook! printable to gather the ingredients for apple pies and get familiar with the recipes over a few days. We made two apple pies for Matthew’s third birthday party.


Steven industriously sliced apples (and ate chocolate cake batter).


The pies turned out great!


One of my favorite parts of theme weeks is coming up with snacks or meals to match.

This week, we had pizza (to go with The Lady with the Alligator Purse book/song), of course.

I did some “pancake art” by  making a rough semblance of an alligator. (And a Mickey Mouse pancake because it was requested.)


Another morning, Steve made a pancake with m’n’m’s forming the letter “A.”


We made alligators out of mini cucumbers.


And we ate lots of apples!

Finally… here’s a funny incident that came out of “A” week, when Matthew surprised us by suddenly writing an “A” in chalk outside.


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Let’s cook! printable

Let's Cook! Printable

I put together a printable to help guide the boys through the cooking process. The printable has the following steps, plus a column on the right to list ingredients.

  1. Pick a recipe.
    How many people can be served?
    How much of this recipe do we have to make?
  2. Make a list of the ingredients.
    Cross out what we already have at home.
    What do we need to buy from the store?
  3. Go shopping.
    How much money did you spend?
  4. Read the recipe’s instructions.
  5. Prepare things that need to be done ahead of time.
  6. Finish making the recipe.
  7. Any tricks or things you want to remember about this recipe?


Let’s cook! printable – LetsCook.pdf

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